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  1. Peter Applewhite

    I have been impressed and moved by your website which I found whilst researchIng for my website ‘When the Welsh came to Bedford’. I would like to include reference to your grandfather and his brothers in my site, as two of them did spend time in Bedford during the Great War, and to include a link to your site. Best wishes.

  2. WW1 Brothers Post author

    Thank you for your kind words and for including my family members on your site. I will really enjoy looking through your research as it fills in many of my gaps and adds another interesting dimension to my own work. Best wishes Will

    1. Peter Applewhite

      Hi, Will.

      In terms of it being a small world, I see you once lived in Bromley. So did I!

      Best wishes


  3. Maggie

    I have read this article with great interest today. Arnold Dargie was my grandfather’s much loved older brother. Taid would talk about his three brothers who served during WW1, Fred, David and Arnold with great pride.

    1. WW1 Brothers Post author

      Hi Maggie – Thank you so much for recollections on Arnold. I’m so pleased you’ve found my site. I really wanted to try and do him justice and gather as much detail as I could find. I’ve often wondered about his family and how much they knew about him and whether they had the same officer group photo – or even pictures that may have included Bertie.

      1. Maggie

        Thank you so much for answering, your article is truly thoughtful and beautifully written. I will now go through my many family photos of Arnold and see if I can spot Bertie in any military ones. I really hope I can find a new one for you. I never knew the story of the little dog, so touching. Please message me personally if you would like any further information. Thank you again for all your hard work in putting the site together.
        Lest we forget

  4. Alister Williams

    I have just spotted your website and would like to congratulate you on a first class effort. I am finalising an account of Arnold Dargie for inclusion in the Friends of Wrexham Museum’s record of all those men and women associated with the town who lost their lives in the Great War. Arnold was a former pupil of Grove Park School and his name is recorded on the school war memorial which is now in Coleg Cambria – hence his inclusion in our survey. I would be grateful for your permission to use some of the information from your website. I have a good photograph of Arnold taken from the GPS Old Boys Roll of Honour, but wonder whether it might be possible to get a copy of the coloured photograph that you have used?
    My sister-in-law’s grandfather, RSM Maldwyn Jones, MM, served with the Bangor Battery of the RGA during the Great War and I hold a number of photographs of the battery taken before and during the war.

    1. Maggie

      Dear Alister,
      Fascinated to hear of the work you are doing on Arnold Dargie in Friends of Wrexham Museum. Arnold was my Grandfathers older brother and often talked to me about him, and his other brothers Fred and David. They all served during the Great War, my Grandad being too young.
      Wishing you all the best with your research and if I can be of any assistance. Please let me know.

  5. WW1 Brothers Post author

    Hello Alister

    Many thanks for your kind words and interest in my research. I’d be delighted to let you use the photo – it’s one I ‘colourised’ myself. I’d also be fascinated to see your photos of RSM Maldwyn Jones and his time with the Welsh Heavy Battery.

    Best wishes Will

  6. Marc Coene

    Hello, just visited your site. Well done and good tribute. Good to refer also to my site of RGA 154 SB at our Manor Farm in WW1. Kind regards, Marc, Manor Farm, Ypres

  7. WW1 Brothers Post author

    Hello Marc, many thanks. I’ve admired your excellent website for a long time which has provided me with some very interesting background information and understanding of where my great uncle was killed. I know we have exchanged messages on the GWF where I value your contribution. I’ve added a link to your website today on my “Links” page. Best wishes Will

  8. Jon Williams

    Hi Will
    I happened upon your website whilst researching the attacks on Mametz Wood by the 38th (Welsh) Division in July 1916 and found it an absolute delight.
    I first visited the wood in 2019 with a number of school parties as I started a new career as a battlefield guide and despite being Welsh I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know alot about the action or the men who fought there. I’ve subsequently discovered that my wife had 3 great uncles who fought at Mametz Wood, one sadly being killed in the initial assault on The Hammerhead on 7th July. Since last year I’ve been reading and researching to better understand not only the attacks on Mametz Wood but the the First World War in general and the role of the various Welsh regiments in particular. Your website is a fantastic source of information.
    I am a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and I’m working towards my accreditation as a ‘badged’ guide. To that end I am due to deliver a presentation to Guild members as part of that process and my topic will be the attack on Mametz Wood between 10th & 12th July. I found your website whilst searching online for maps and those on your pages are stunning. I was hoping that you would grant me permission to use them solely for the prupose of my presentation? They would be used in a PowerPoint presentation only. There is no commercial or monetray gain for me in their use but they are quite frankly the best I have seen that describe the two main phases of the attacks on those dates.
    Thanks for considering my request and I will be returning to your website in the near future to read more
    Best Regards
    Jon Williams

    1. WW1 Brothers Post author

      Hello Jon – I hope I’m not too late. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve only just found your interesting post and request and I’m very happy for you to use the maps (which I drew myself) at any time.

      Best wishes Will


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